SHEN KO MACHINE 4-Side Moulder、Double Side Planer、Hand Scraped Flooring Machines

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  • The hand scraped flooring machine from Shenko is a high efficiency machine, which is able to precisely scrape various grains of wood floors in a pass. Based on its comprehensive technology background, Shenko will fully respond to all users' and owners' requirements.


※ Each spindle is driven by an independent motor with maximum spindle speed up to 6,000 rpm.

※ 10.4‘ touch screen.

※ Interactive software program design in combination with humanized interface for user-friendly operation.

※ Available to equip with a sanding head for fine sanding at the rear end.

※ Cutting depth can be adjusted quickly.

※ The feed mechanism elevation and each spindle elevation are controlled independently.

※ During cutting, each spindle can be moved forward / backward with radian reaching both sides of wood.

※ During cutting, each spindle can float upward / downward with cutting depth range of 0~3 mm.

※ Maximum feed speed reaches 24 M/min. When feed speed changes, the cutter movement forward / backward speed and floating upward / downward speed will vary together.

※ Memory capacity is 100 sets of module.

Hand Scraped Flooring Machines



※ There is no repetitive uneven hand scraping grains.


※ Tool cutting provides wider and deeper scraping than that made by hand.


※ The highly productive equipment provides diversified grains, saves dramatic labor costs and upgrades market competition capability.


※ The series provides 4~16 spindles layout to suit customers’ requirements.


※ Various hand scraping styles can be produced through programs to achieve maximum flexibility in grain scraping, that fully meets customers’ requirements.

Wood Floor Processing Example

Wood Floor Processing Example

Shenko Hand Scraped Flooring Machine creates new value of technique.

Giving Wood Floor A New Life.
Hand scraping style meets general trend.

Feed system
Feeding motor 7.5 HP
Feeding speed, infinitely variable by inverter 6~24 M/min
Spindle motor 3 HP
Spindle speed 6,000 rpm
Tool cutting circle 160~170 mm
Working width 300 mm
Working height 8~30 mm
• Specifications and design features are subject to change without notice.