SHEN KO MACHINE 4-Side Moulder、Double Side Planer、Hand Scraped Flooring Machines

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4-side moulder for parquet
  • The SKU-230C series is a special purpose 4-side moulder. Exclusively designed for holding type parquet, the SKU-230C is especially ideal for the production of composite parquet. It integrates many outstanding features. Equip with right/left universal spindle and Germany-imported high frequency motor. High accuracy slots and tenons can be achieved at any angle, assuring the outstanding tightness for parquet jointing.

Driven Table Roller

Driven table rollers reduce table wear out and guarantee the feed through of workpiece without getting stuck.

Drive Infeed Table Roller

The drive infeed table roller provides maximum smoothness of workpiece feeding for all types of wood material, regardless of highly moisture or extra hard materials.

Inverter Controlled Feed System

Feed speed via inverter provides positive feed. This machine can adjust the feeding speed according to the actual need. The speed range is 6-36 M/min.


The spindle is supported by two pair of bearing to ensure accurate performance under high speed rotation.

Special Spindle For Lock-Joint Parquet

The mechanism consists of right/ left universal spindle, which is driven by Germany high frequency motor. Spindle speed is 6000~9000 RPM. Independent and drive design. The head can be swiveled 360 degree, ensuring outstanding lock-joint accuracy.

Lock-Joint Diagram

Cutting Illustration Diagram

Working width min.~max. 10~230 mm
Working height min.~max. 10~100 mm
Straightening table length 2 M
Spindle power 7.5 HP & 10 HP
Universal spindle power x 2 3 HP x 2 (Germany high freq. motor)
Feeding power 7.5 HP
Feeding speed 6~36 M/min
Diameter of spindle 40 mm (50mm Optional)
Speed of spindle 6,000 RPM
Universal spindle 6,000 RPM~9,000 RPM (Freq. inverter control)
Diameter of cutter for 1st bottom spindle 100~150 mm
Diameter of cutter for vertical spindle 100~180 mm
Diameter of cutter for horizontal spindle 100~180 mm
Adjustment range of straightening table 10 mm
Adjustment of vertical spindle 50 mm
Adjustment of horizontal spindle 30 mm
Diameter of feed roller 140 x o35 mm
Width of feed roller 25 mm
Width of feed roller opposite to left spindle 20 mm
Width of rubber feed roller 50 mm
Max. cutting capacity for 1st bottom spindle 10 mm
Max. cutting capacity for 2st right vertical spindle 10 mm

• Hard chrome plated table.

• Specifications and design features are subject to change without notice.