SHEN KO MACHINE 4-Side Moulder、Double Side Planer、Hand Scraped Flooring Machines

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  • Designed for producing both solid wood floor and multi-layer floor, the SKG-230H of machine features outstanding feed system. The initial stage feeder is used for stacking wood, and rear stage feed is performed by a buffering type feeder. The outstanding feed system design permits continuous infeed without gap between wood materials during feeding. This ensures high accuracy cutting. Its high speed feed system greatly upgrades production efficiency, while assuring superior product quality.

Vacuum Parquet Feeder:

Technical Information For Single Stage Parquet Feeder:

• Parquet delivery and pressing at central position.

• The parquets continuously feed into the machine without gap between parquets.

Vacuum Parquet Feeder : AT-07

• Feed motor : 2 HP (inverter control)

• Feed speed : 10~80 M/min

• Length : 3500 mm

• Install vacuum device

Double Table Plate (Optional)

The top plate come with light groove to reduce the friction between parquet and table. It is longer the life of working table, and easy to replace while wear out.

Pneumatic Loaded Pressure Device

Specially designed double pressure wheels prevent wood end from rising during high speed feeding, while ensuring accurate tenon at both ends of parquet.

1st Bottom Spindle

The table for first bottom spindle is available to be double trimming table for setting width. Also it can be used as the bottom spindle.

Working width min.~max. 10~230 mm
Working height min.~max. 10~120 mm
Straightening table length 1.2 M
Spindle power 10 HP & 15HP
Feeding power 7.5 HP
Feeding speed 10~60 M/min
Diameter of spindle 40 mm (Opt. 50 mm)
1st bottom horizontal spindle speed (Reversible running) 6,000 RPM
Vertical spindle speed 7,200 RPM (Opt. 8,000 RPM)
Top horizontal spindle speed 7,200 RPM (Opt. 8,000 RPM)
Diameter of cutter for 1st bottom spindle 100~160 mm
Diameter of cutter for vertical spindle 110~180 mm
Diameter of cutter for horizontal spindle 110~180 mm
Adjustment range of straightening table 10 mm
Adjustment of vertical spindle 50 mm
Adjustment of horizontal spindle 30 mm
Diameter of feed roller 140 x ø35 mm
Width of feed roller 25 mm
Width of feed roller opposite to left spindle 20 mm
Width of rubber feed roller 50 mm
Max. cutting capacity for 1st bottom spindle 10 mm
Max. cutting capacity for 2st right vertical spindle 10 mm

‧ Initial feeder.

‧ Buffering type feeder.

‧ Double air cylinders loaded pressure roller for vertical spindle.

‧ Hard chrome plated table.

‧ Specifications and design features are subject to change without notice.